Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Repelling by example

One more thought on the atheist story. Why is it that, so often, the most loudly self-avowed "Christians" are precisely the ones that think and behave in the least Christ-like manner? It's like the Bizarro-world version of "leading by example." Either these people have never cracked open a Bible, or their reading comprehension scores are in the negative numbers.

These also tend to be the first people to complain about the "anti-Christian" bias of secular culture. Well, there is an anti-Christian bias out there, but it's not about Christianity itself or, I would venture, even about most Christians. No one is rolling their eyes and making snide remarks about Mother Teresa. It's only this smaller group of do-the-opposite, in-name-only Christians -- those exemplars of bad behavior who try to shout down any contrary thought -- that try every thinking person's patience.

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