Thursday, June 26, 2008

Administration to science: "Na-na-na-I-am-not-list-en-ing"

White House Refused to Open Pollutants E-Mail - The New York Times

White House Tried to Silence EPA Proposal on Car Emissions - Washington Post

The conservative perspective here is so baffling. They oppose any proposal, any finding, any fact that might cost some business somewhere a degree of financial pain. As if widespread death and destruction are cost effective. (Note that I'm skipping right over the ethical issues here. For these folks, money and morals are mutually exclusive.) I don't know if it's a product of the financial laws that encourage such short-term thinking in American business, or if an excess of greed actually damages the human brain, but it's astonishing how consistently oblivious these people seem to any danger that dangles further than a foot or two over their expensively coiffed heads.

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