Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama's picks: deep experience or deep disappointment?

And just how do you combine the experience we need with the change we want?

The largely delighted:

The largely disgusted:

In short, no one knows what it all amounts to, and neither to I. Under the circumstances, I think the shrewedest observation comes from Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher:
[T]he proof will be in what [Obama] actually does....
[F]or people who convinced themselves that Obama was the second coming of Saul Alinsky -- wake up. He never was. He may, however, be the most progressive person we could have possibly hoped to elect as President of the United States.
Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to help keep the obstructionists off his back and push him to fulfill his campaign promises to end the war, pass health care legislation and the Employee Free Choice Act, clean up the environment, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, repair our infrastructure, create good jobs and restore the middle class.
That's what he promised us, and while I'm obviously not wild about the dearth of progressives in his administration..., I'm less concerned with who he chooses to implement his policies than with his ability to ultimately do so.

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