Thursday, March 12, 2009

U.S. of A-holes

Here's a great takedown of Ayn Rand and her Nazi acolytes. In her novel Atlas Shrugged, the "heroes" (industrialist John Galt and a herd of likeminded, solipsistic, overfed piggies) go "on strike" to protest the fact that they have a duty to contribute back to civilization an amount fractionally proportionate to the success that that civilization has made possible for them (though, of course, Rand frames it somewhat differently). Like many of today's self-deluded, self-regarding, "self-made" men, they whine at the notion of having some responsibility to support the system (the public laws, rules, and investments) and the people (the workers and consumers) who were instrumental in creating their wealth, preferring instead the twin roles of freeloader and de-facto thief. Apparently the present-day Randian catchphrase for this kind of toddler-level selfishness is "Going Galt."

If you are yourself one the aforementioned scumsacks, yearning to go Galt, I have a Word of my own: GO. Get your soulless eugenicist corpses as far away from the rest of us as you can. Spare the decent majority -- those with empathy, a conscience, and the self-honesty and strength to recognize their dependence on others -- from your so-called "truths," i.e., the schemes by which you have manipulated power and people's thinking to enrich yourselves and impoverish others. Find your own island homeland to pillage. In fact -- as usual -- we'll help you. We'll even film a reality show there: "Last Cannibal Standing." We don't expect there will be a winner.

UPDATE: Here's a fun Rand primer.


Kier said...

I second the motion.

Serr8d said...

Why, Contrarian, you ignorant slut!

Seems you have multiple needy needs, none of which you can supply for yourself. You would rather other people did for you, so you can what, live a life immersed in World of Warcraft?

Remember this, kiddo, everything you see around you (this high-tech society we Capitalists have provided for you) is not yours; and would never, could never be yours if you had in place the socialist economic model you crave. You know, the model that's been tried, and failed, so many times?

No, don't bring up Amsterdam, either; that economy of scale is much smaller. Even China and India, the 1st and 2nd most populous nations in the world, have rivers of Capitalism; and only because of and along those rivers of Capitalism do you see the sorts of advanced technology and the kind of easy society you seem to take for granted.

Yes, you should thank a Capitalist for what we have. Because if you had your way, none of this would be recognizable.

So, you, why not join a commune, where you and your like-mindless sorts can study Lenin while listening to Lennon (if you have power, that is). The rest of us who actually do the work and earn the money you want to take away in giant gulps will stay in our (earned) pockets of technology and civility; you've earned nothing but Lord of the Flies primitivism.

The message Ayn represents isn’t one of elitism, but one of Capitalism. To go ‘John Galt’ is to let the liberals win, and see for themselves exactly what it means to live without the workers and the producers (the taxpayers).

Fend for yourselves, losers.